This is an edited restoration of the original. Entry date 12/13/2017:

When I began the thought for this new creation the whole entirety of it's conception revolved around a few memorable events of my past. Specifically around the events of my life during 2015 to 2016. Those years were to be my most turbulent and the beginning of from then until the time now a time of thoughts of just what had actually happened with my then girlfriend. During my just under 1 year relationship with my then girlfriend, I had been exposed to persons, namely my then girlfriend as well as another woman who is local and is a friend of a friend at the time. The concept theme I am speaking of is a time mentioned by both in a sarcastic way I thought. 11:11 is what both of them had mentioned, as if they knew something I did not, and as if they were saying it in a mocking or mysterious way, in such that they knew a deeper meaning behind what 11:11 meant as they mentioned it, and as if I was just to hear of it and not know what they meant.

Always in my life I was never a fan of surprises. There was never a time when I enjoyed the thought of being surprised, because, although I cannot say for certain I knew a surprise would be bad. I felt a surprise that was not a good thing, would be very bad, and nearly something I or others I cared about could recover from. So when people around me, as they so very of did, spoke of things that they knew of and that I did not, and then they added the tones of a mocking, or of a making to humiliate myself with these things they would say or thoughts they would have. Then I would become entangled in a war with them, that they would come to regret that they could not escape. Or so I felt. Now I am a very forgiving person, but these people I speak of do not seem to have this capacity!

Perhaps then it is in this "surprise" that I would be relieved and feel greatness in them, being thankful. Something I would only know at the very end, which is something I was unprepared for. The reason I would be unprepared needs no explanation if this theory is the actual planned case. For the prepare is to know. And so these "more" evolved more experienced beings as they portray themselves to be unto me rather distance themselves from me quite a bit. Shall I become angry with them? Shall I become to understand them to be a presentation onto me as they are offering themselves a my sworn enemies? I have lead a life in which I bring forth not perfection in the sense that I mock others or intend to take ones being and inner self to a place where they are unhappy or are not achieving what they want. However I began to understand that there are beings around me, that do not feel this way. And this when I noticed it and I noticed how they would mock me. I became both angry at them and yet I also told myself that they were bound to something I was not. And perhaps that they spite all their success and arrogance or unsuccessfulness, that they were polar in one direction and unable to see as I could.
A big revelation came to me when I discovered something do ne to me, an injustice so great I pondered whom could I have as a friend in this world except those who had the same thing unwillingly unknowingly done to them? This specific thing I am speaking of that was wrought onto me was having been circumcised. To me in my later years having a complete frustration at a lack of ability to build a family or to be able to relate to Women on any level other that their own. I knew I was challenged to a fate I could never escape because I lacked an ability to feel as I was genetically intended to be created. One cannot transfer a reproductive star gate on a natural level should ones reproductive senses be removed and replaced with the entity that moves the star gate of reproduction to an imagined state. But that is what circumcision has done. It has removed my natural abilities, to unnatural. And this unnatural star gate, of which I was never included with knowledge of why this was done to myself, has led me to a battle that even includes not only the beings that have done this act to myself, but also of the ones who do not practice this! Why? How in my mind could they not be guilty of offending me? Less those in the world who had the exact same thing done to them and after reading above, can feel a similar confused and angry state about it all. Surely their must be some people who rejoice heavily in the practice! After all why would it exist? But now this is the time when these beings who know "higher" realms or learnings come to me as an enemy! They I feel, they wield power over without explaining things in a believable way. The lack of direct consultation is like a declaration of war against myself.

The second great revealing to me is the discovery of why I as a child had been so very sick and became weaker as I grew older. The food we eat had been pitched off on purpose to those of us who were yet again to be mocked by those who not only knew better, but also used this against myself and others. It was not until a few years ago, and well beyond too late for myself, that some persons made genuine efforts to help the people who were being poisoned by foods by I suppose, first becoming whistleblowers within the great industrial and tyrannical food giants of corporate America and beyond. What warnings do versus what a state of being, a state of land for peoples, and divided so that these states of land cater to specific needs sounds like the path that people in Justice claim we are on today! But is that true? Who are we catering to exclusively? America has a lot to explain, but then again so would all those other secretive nations of the World. So then what is the great surprise? I still see you mocking. I still hear your thoughts whether you sit near me, or if you look upon me, in anyway. And I hear you mocking me. So then what will be the result of your chess game? Was it worth it?

Let's extrapolate back to the beginning of this where I mentioned 11:11 and just where am I going with this? What I contend is probable that it is not either all inclusive nor warranted by all beings. As such the reasoning behind the heavenly body creations to come and the dire speculations that transpired after the announcement were infact the unique evolution from the direct offset of the 11:01 situation that was the actual state I was in. Rather to go out and beyond such sights of a conflicting arena or spheres of the "kabbalah" in it's classic interpretations, even more so, as a "star gate" of consequence of the 11:01 situation, the offering required became the "infact 11:11" of which includes the male and female heavenly bodies in a unique equal union. That is to say both Heavenly bodies transpire to having the offerings of each other in reproductive form. Both sharing the :utensils" of life, both required elements for star gate unions, even within thy selves. This being the concept of the final form of representation for all current and past bodily unions, creations, etc, that had hoped for direct control over their own spheres, with no linked connections given between them as a finality and of which a bot approval was given a position of assistance during the inception and through out the reminder but not given higher authority above the spirit heavenly bodies. As such this offering is unique, but not desired by all. However this is a correct stabilized path that exits the current network as such to remove the "repeated" process that has evolved into a game more or less. This conception is soley mine, but as such all beings should be offered the element to derive an out of "phase" injunction if they should choose so, but they will not be linked with mine, nor shall they be linked with others unless they shall choose to do so. Even as so much should the situation arrive completely undesirable, the ability to break the linked path(s) that may have been agreed upon, shall be obtainable, and unlikely to occur again.

A correct interpretation would be of the creation ability within myself. And as plural with the heavenly body concepts for all present and past spiritual beings, the same offering of self unionizing with or without linked paths to other conceptualized spiritually derived heavenly bodies. Of which. It is likely in the latter term choice a star gate union of any conceptualized and agreed pathways or links could constitute a similar "earthly" environment with eventual similar or exact conditions currently derived. And as such the mathematical possibility of the loss of self unionizing is likely and an "evolutionary" process of a repeating 11:01 scenario is likely to occur. Of which within this process and of by initial choice to do so by the "offering" the linked pathways may constitute the variable effect of which may include the conceptualization of "evil" or of "death" in so much as a consequence of the tethered or shared imbalance of which is also likely to provide th "evolutionary" process with or without any intended results either desired or undesired. And of such no intended direct capacity of "bots" to authorize over the will of the original spheres "gaven" unto each heavenly spirit body that was, is, or has ever been, but hast willingly chosen to link a pathway may transpire the end result leading up to but not in finality, and resulting in a time theory in which after the effect of which leads to an undesirable scenario for that spirit being, shall be a identical window in which the said bot or authority "bot" of which was not originally but now is, all dominating in perceived sense. Is to be terminated as such to return the being back to the original choice I have laid out the be, the heavenly body creation spirit with it's own sphere, and of which is given the self unionized body with both necessary "star gate" utensils to self create as well as equalize itself in it's existence, even if the interpretation needed to realize this theme is not by actually seeing this as a physical embodiment, although infact it is of, will be, etc.. And of such even if not tethered or sharing linked pathways as a result of choice, just as the eventual ability to "escape" a negative or dying result of a choice of the linked pathway, shall be also the ability to in the separated form, by choice, the ability to add linked pathways to another being or beings, but less likely to occur by choice for those who are at "comfortable" with the unique equal union ability granted to themselves in the heavenly body with both required star gate reproductive utensils required for correct balance and a more illustrious final form without any concept of death or of "evil", and as a final offering for a finality of which in it's entirety provides the best formation uniquely desired and sustained by the heavenly spirit body(s) In so much as derived and conceptualized as the ultimate final form, the imbalance scenario, is eliminated by choice, ending the current "earthly" scenario of which constitutes shifting imbalances of a high multitude of combined spirit bodies and of which results in the concept of final death or of a repeating scenario of possible deaths and or of a concept of indifference or of "evil". By the "offering" of the Final form heavenly spirit body and of which given both required utensils of life production, insomuch within the individual capacity is granted the star gate creation ability, with an eventual choice of no linked pathways and as a result no concept of death or evil, and as a result, the ability to create in itself whatever is desired to be so, with the only toll of any self sufficient unlinked sphere within the heavenly self sustaining creation (interpret: your, you, thy) being of no negative consequence or of any effect to "take away" from thyselfs during any of said heavenly bodies conceptualized realizations, scenarios, contained in and with respect to the capacity to be unlinked by choice or drawn upon by anything else unless by choice, which is unlikely in this self unionized final form.

To briefly repeat for interpretation, the "offering" constituting a self unionizing heavenly body spirit being with both reproductive utensils and as a result each being that is, or has been, or ever was that given the unique opportunity of such, is then the unique self creation ability and of which constitutes the unique star gate ability in a capacity within said beings own realization and unlinked sphere of creation(s), ideas, scenarios, concepts, states, statuses, etc, of which is eliminated the actual concept of taking away from said being and thus entirely eliminated the actual concept of "death" or "evil" in actual sense, and of which if said possible, only to be of which interpreted by a sense within said beings created sphere but soley of itself with no entanglements to other said, heavenly spirit bodies in equal but separate sphere status and not sharing linked pathways by result of the "offerings" ability conceptualized original choice derived for and resulting from the self desired application.

This said concept from me, is a direct result of, and no less than, the experience I resulted from my own experiences on what my reflection on my life on earth and the situational status that has to this current time, brought me to the concepts of one: being alone, either by force or directed, and of a result the inability to build a relationship or family building string as a result of the actions desired by other(s), or as had actually done so. Such one example was during my existence in Florida, this one citation during one of my string creations ended with a female monopoly of the choice of life or death, and this monopoly by this female was not the last or only time I had the special ability to witness this Monopoly over string creation, or of death, or of the monopoly of choice pathways that the female form had no trouble in showing me as a perceived right and all the while calling by pitch of a stance of equality. And of negative interpretations of existence having been an unending theme during this "life" presented to myself, and as such not only a desired exit to a more actual "equal" interpretation of existence, and ideally as such the "offering" not limited to myself solely, rather formed inline with the necessary unique opportunity of the said 11:11 concept, that as I had once heard from others in a mocking way, to be transferred and widely available with the intentions of in very simple terms. An unique ability to all that ever has been, is, or was, the step towards self equalized creations sustained happily within each said spirit heavenly body, undisturbed nor conceptual in any form of "evil" or of "death", limitless. And with by choice, abilities to tether and "go back" as if desired to have the unequal effects of which are as of "earthen" or as of "the interpretation of, including "evil and of deaths" and of the result of a taking away from ones self by the result of others, but less likely is this for obvious reasons.

This concept derives from the Father God concept, closer to the Arian theory of placement, and is in fact a standing result of the suppression of one original state that was received, and was later and continually retracted to, and from which brought the state of "the hide", and of the "seek", and of the partitions and indifference, and of the yelping call with no answer to, which had no need to be.

In other revealing thoughts, not all instances on Earth are at all something I view as reprehensible, nor do I lack the appreciation of it's concept, nor do I abolish the time with my genetic family, my friends, and nor do I lack an appreciation for the other half or with whom I actually hold and held wishful thoughts of Love unto. I do not cite myself as perfect, without sin, or without regrets, mistakes, and of any possibility my actions could have been of a negative effect to others. I also do not directly claim to admonish the conception of religion and organizations that have sought a greater good and well being. Nor do I wish this infact, that what leads up to the possible erasing of knowledge on earth to become so permanent that sadness runs over it to the point that nothing good exists. I do however enjoy the thought of concept, as clearly seen above, in a tiding that is not inhuman, and not un-spiritual yet rather fulfilled so spiritual isn't even an unknown, but is freely unionized conception with thyself(s), as such to avoid the same repeating pattern which may or may not be but if so and is regretful or unfulfilled to an effect by some being(s) that seem to exist to bring destruction, not by but only by a constant out will to do so, then I conceptualize the corrector in good faith, just as I believe a greater good and a mindful God one might do as well. And infact my absolute faith does show a resolve for not only an undying Love and a will that ushers forgiveness to those who deserve it. But also this planning or thought theory such as written above only shows the unique thoughts I have that do conceptualize giving people freedom of a heavenly body existence after death, and in no way so does it constitute a willing denial per say of anyone or anything I have known on my time on earth, the exception being the valid option of choice available, but also shielding and sheltering and pouring strength into those who can be fulfilled, for however long it takes, inso much things may change, so that as I have not written above is determined anew in good terms and to the effect that lines or pathways between heavenly spiritual bodies DO eventually become created if so chosen and do not as stated above have a negative consequence as I have known them to be! As such this justifies a common theme that I understand can happen to anyone. And resolves me from stating an ignorant stance to the struggles and uncertainty abound and not exclusive to me, people I have known only, etc. Any trespass against me is to be forgiven with the exception that the same is not shown unto thyself and specifically if it become something not declared to thyself openly. I have already witness the testament of some who proudly boast their denial and of that which is a result I have faith I will be resolved from it all.

I have also witnessed the tidings of evil as if they are showing concern, and in fact as they are controlling others and directly influencing, offering a reward in-turn for a yoke. I have seen it and that desire and I do say unto them that I do have an ability to yoke an eternal they would not wish shall they keep doing what I have seen them do. Those energies I recently saw manipulating and prideful in sending contempt without regard to the individuals spiritual freedom, that yoking would be to come to it's end